Reference Guides

CR900 Combine Series Factory Programming on InfoView

​The InfoView monitor is standard on the New Holland CR900 combine to keep the operator informed of the functions of the machine. Learn the standard programming and adjustments that come from the factory and how to make your own adjustments for your own harvest.

Programming the Infoview Monitor

​The New Holland InfoView monitor controls and records machine and crop functions and measurements. Learn how to navigate the monitor functions and how the InfoView monitor can make the operator more efficent by providing important data about the harvest.

Combine Header Height Controls

​With the New Holland CR series combines, the operator can set the header height to be consistent when harvesting crop. Watch and see how to set the controls and how the settings make it easy to make turns in the field and then automatically having the settings resume to continue working. 

CR900 & CR9000 Combine Series Multifunction Handle

​See the features and functions of the multifunction handle on the New Holland CR series combines. With many of the controls on this handle, the operator can engage the functions easily. 

CR900 Series Combine Controls Overview

​Learn about the controls of the New Holland CR9000 Series combines, the only twin rotor combine in the industry, to take full advantage of the combine features - from thresher and feeder engagement to paddle switches that control speeds to make your work in the field more efficient.

Changing the Run Screen Layout on the Pro 700

Deleting information from the Pro 700

Rearranging your Performance Monitor

Moisture Calibration

Automatically Optimize Combine Settings with AFS Harvest Command

Feedrate Control Setup and Operation

AFS Harvest Command Setup and Operation